Your Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) outcome is final and cannot be reviewed, re-marked or disputed.

MSRA outcomes

All applicants will be notified of their results, and thus their performance/outcome, a short time after the conclusion of the testing window. The date by which you can expect your results is disclosed in the recruitment timeline for each round. 

The results will be published in your Oriel account against your application, as advised by your specialty. Detailed guidance on how to locate or view these scores is contained in the Oriel Applicant User Handbook.

Maximum achievable score

Due to the normalisation of all MSRA scores, there is no maximum achievable score. For a given cohort of applicants, normalisation is dependent on the average performance of the cohort. It is therefore not considered meaningful to interpret the scores achieved in the MSRA with a maximum value.

Appealing the outcome

All applicants will receive feedback when they are notified of their outcome. The outcome is final and cannot be reviewed, re-marked or disputed. There is no appeals process.

Complaints procedure

All national recruitment offices use a nationally agreed process for handling complaints about recruitment. If you feel your application has not been managed correctly and have evidence of a failure in the process, you should explore this route. For further information, visit the complaints policy and procedure page.

Page last reviewed: 25 July 2023
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