The International Induction Programme (IIP) provides a supported pathway for overseas qualified GPs to be inducted safely into NHS General Practice.

This programme is designed for GPs who have never previously worked in NHS General Practice in the UK.

All GPs are required to be on the General Medical Council (GMC) GP register with a License to Practise and be on the England Medical Performers List (MPL) before they can practise.

The IIP must be completed before GPs can be approved for full inclusion on to the MPL as an independent NHS general practitioner.

The UK is made up of 4 countries and this guide concerns applications made to practise in England. If you're applying to practise in another part of the UK, please visit the appropriate regional website:

Important: Health and Care Worker visa requirements

From 1 January 2021, all EEA nationals (except Irish citizens) and international doctors will require a Health and Care Worker visa to work in the UK. For details on Visa applications and support from NHS England and NHS Improvement when applying, visit the Health and Care Worker Visa requirements for non UK citizens webpage.

Features of the programme

Once registered you will have a career and educational needs review with the local HEE lead to approve your application and give you access to the online resources.

You will be given access to a Self-Assessment which is required to be completed prior to above review. 

You will also gain access to a dedicated account manager to help guide you through the entire process. They can provide support such as:

  • advice on completing forms and paperwork
  • assistance with arranging occupational health assessments
  • advice on arranging indemnity
  • coordinating assessments and placements on your behalf

The programme also includes a range of assessments, such as placements to support GPs on their journey to NHS general practice.

The assessments can be tailored to fit around needs and personal commitments. Further information can be found on the Self-Assessment for the IIP page.

Financial support is also available for candidates, which includes:

  • help with costs such as indemnity and a monthly clinical placement bursary of up to £3,500
  • help towards the costs of child or social care
  • help with visa costs and sponsorship for UK-qualified and non-EEA clinicians

Further information regarding help with funding can be found on our financial support and funding page.

Completing the programme

To successfully complete the IIP and be entered onto the MPL without conditions or restrictions you must have:

  • successfully completed the IIP placement

  • a satisfactory Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA), End of Placement report (including an online Multi-Source Feedback and Patient Satisfaction Questions) all of which should be submitted to the local HEE Educational Lead and local NHSEI team along with any other required evidence

  • completed the mandatory e-Learning for Health modules on GP induction. This includes the Safeguarding Children and Adults modules

  • started your portfolio preparation for an early formal NHS Appraisal in the placement. This will be a MPL requirement on exit from the IIP placement, usually after 3 to 6 months (see IIP and RtP appraisal guidance)

  • received confirmation from the local NHSEI team where you plan to work that you are included on the MPL without conditions

To help keep track of your progress in the scheme, you can download and fill in the Completing the Programme Checklist.

Page last reviewed: 6 September 2022
Next review due: 6 September 2023

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