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Welcome to the GP Specialty Training (ST1) pages.

The General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) coordinates the recruitment process for programmes in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

We help Health Education England (HEE) local offices and deaneries deliver a standard and robust recruitment and selection process that's reliable, valid and fair.

Important: Recruitment timeline

Round 1 of 2024 to 2025 recruitment closes on the 23 November 2023.

For more key dates, go to the recruitment timeline page.

Regional contacts

If you need to contact a GP recruitment representative for your region, use this following list to find the best means of contact.

If you require further assistance, please contact the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) email.

East Midlands
Recruitment contacts [email protected]

For any rotational queries e-mail [email protected]
East of England
Recruitment contacts [email protected]
Kent, Surrey and Sussex (LaSE)
Recruitment contacts Applicant enquiry portal
London (LaSE)
Recruitment contacts Applicant enquiry portal
North East
Recruitment contacts [email protected]
North West
South West
Recruitment contacts [email protected]
Thames Valley
Recruitment contacts [email protected]
Recruitment contacts Wessex GP recruitment mailbox - [email protected]

Dorset Patch for preferencing - [email protected]

Mid- Wessex patch for preferencing - [email protected]

Southampton patch for preferencing - [email protected]

Portsmouth patch for preferencing - [email protected]
West Midlands
Recruitment contacts [email protected]

Rotational queries e-mail [email protected]
Yorkshire and the Humber
Recruitment contacts [email protected]
Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW)
Recruitment contacts [email protected]
NHS Education Scotland
Recruitment contacts Recruitment Query - HR Trainee Services - Jira Service Management (

For rotational queries please contact one of the below regions:

East of Scotland - [email protected]

North of Scotland - [email protected]

South East of Scotland - [email protected]

West of Scotland - [email protected]
Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
Recruitment contacts [email protected]

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