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The General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) coordinates the recruitment process for programmes in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

We help Health Education England (HEE) local offices and deaneries deliver a standard and robust recruitment and selection process that's reliable, valid and fair.

Important: Recruitment timeline

Round 2 of recruitment closes on the 15th August 2023.

For more key dates, go to the recruitment timeline page.

Video: Doctors know, GPs learn #ChooseGP

One career, endless opportunities.

Show Doctors know, GPs learn transcript Hide Doctors know, GPs learn transcript

As doctors, we like to know things.

Some people think we like to know everything.

Some people aren't GPs. 

Because being a GP is about so much more than what you know. 

It's about what you don't know. It's about what you never know - like who's going to walk through your door, or what story they have to tell, or how you'll write it with them from the first page to the last.

You never know where your career might take you, whether it's a teaching post or a TV studio. 

You never know what your patient needs you to be, so you ask, you learn and you become the doctor who knows them best. 

So, for the curious, the knowledge seekers, for those who will never stop learning, choose GP.

You never know, it might just change your life.

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