Vacancies and preferencing GP Specialty Training recruitment

Applicants are permitted to submit 1 application, per round, for a standard GP ST1 training programme.

Important: Important

At the time of application, you will be asked to indicate your preferences from all GP Training Programmes available in the UK, in rank order (1 being your first preference). This means that you can be considered for appointment across the whole of the UK.

You should only preference the programmes that you would be prepared to work in, including those listed with zero vacancies as posts may become available at a later date. If you preference a post, it is assumed that you are able to accept this, if offered. Please ensure that you have researched your region of interest prior to preferencing.

GP Training programmes are available at ST1 entry level only and last for 3 years. However, Scotland also offer some 4-year programmes. This information will be shown in the preference detail.

Applicants are advised to read the regions’ profile pages and access individual region websites for more information about the opportunities available. It is suggested that you research not only the types of programmes offered in each region but also the geography of each region, the main Trusts within the geography, transport links to home and so on.

Non-urgent advice: When you're preferencing posts:

  • you should preference all programmes that you would be prepared to work in
  • you should still preference posts listed with 0 vacancies, because these posts may become available at a later date
  • research regions carefully

If you only choose to preference a limited number of posts you may reduce the chance of receiving an offer.

The ability to record your preferences will be locked at the point you submit your application. However, you will be presented with a further window to continue preferencing. This window will span from the date of invitation to the Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) until 48 hours before the first offers date.

These dates are published on the recruitment timeline page for all relevant rounds. Applicants who successfully complete the recruitment and selection process will have a further opportunity to amend their preferences once the offers process commences.

The GP Training programmes that you preference in your application will be used to make you an offer, subject to the successful completion of the selection process.

Targeted Enhancement Recruitment Scheme (TERS)

The Targered Enhancement Recruitment Scheme (TERS) offers financial incentives to GP trainees committed to working in selected locations that either have a past history of under-recruitment or are in under-doctored or deprived areas.

These areas often have an extremely good track record for education but are initially less popular simply because of their geographical location. However, those doctors that do choose to train there usually stay after training.


For more information about the scheme, go to the Targeted Enhancement Recrutiment Scheme (TERS) page.

Indicative vacancies

HEE local offices and deaneries Indicative ST1 vacancies
East Midlands 4
East of England 9
Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS) 0
London 0
North East 66
North West 105
South West 11
Thames Valley 0
Wessex 22
West Midlands 61
Yorkshire and the Humber 58
Northern Ireland 5
Scotland 55
Wales 15

We are hoping that posts become available in this round of GP ST1 recruitment in the HEE London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex and Thames Valley regions. However, this is not guaranteed.

Page last reviewed: 12 July 2022

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