If your application to GP Training is successful, but you do not wish to accept an offer in the current recruitment round, you may be able to transfer your score to another recruitment round.

This information applies to applicants across all 4 nations of the UK.

If you're applying to General Practice Specialty Training (GPST) from August 2021 onwards and do not wish for whatever reason to take up the offer of a place in the current recruitment round, you'll be able to transfer your score from one recruitment round to another recruitment round.

This option will only be valid within a 12-month recruitment cycle. So a trainee applying in August can transfer their score until the February intake or the next August recruitment round, but no longer. Likewise, a trainee applying for a February start can transfer their score to the August or following February intakes.

Transferring recruitment scores replaces the option of deferring for non-statutory reasons.

How transferring your score works

  • You should apply in the usual way and will be asked to preference when applying.
  • If unsuccessful at any stage, you'll leave the process and must reapply in a future recruitment round.
  • If successful at longlisting, you'll proceed through the recruitment process to offers stage.
  • You'll receive an offer based on their ranking.
  • If you do not wish to start at the appointed time, you should reject the offer.
  • You should reapply within 12 months of the advertised start date of the post to which you wish to transfer youur score. At the point of application, you should indicate that you wish to transfer your score from the previous round. You'll be asked to re preference, but will not have to repeat the recruitment process.
  • Applicants who wish to transfer their score will automatically have their scores transferred by Oriel from their chosen application at the point of submission. Prior to offers, they will be ranked with the cohort of applicants in that recruitment round.
  • Offers will be made according to ranking.

What may prevent you transferring your score

  • You must continue to meet the eligibility criteria from one year to the next. If the eligibility criteria change and you no longer meet them, you'll be rejected at longlisting and be unable to transfer your score.
  • If the recruitment and selection processes change from one round or one year to the next, you'll be unable to transfer your score.
  • If the threshold for success is raised in the following recruitment year, you will not be able to transfer a score from a previous year unless you had already achieved the new threshold.

Ranking and offers


If you're transferring a score, you are not transferring the previous offer – that becomes null and void.

This option will only be valid within a 12-month recruitment cycle and is conditional upon the recruitment and selection process being unchanged in subsequent recruitment rounds.

Subject to the above conditions, to transfer your previous, valid GP scores, you must answer the relevant questions accordingly on your GP re-application form, at time of application. At the point of submission, your scores will be automatically transferred by Oriel from your earlier application into your present one.

Applicants transferring their score will be ranked with applicants in that recruitment round, so the applicant's ranking may go up or down depending on the performance of that cohort. This will affect the offer given.

Page last reviewed: 3 November 2022