How self-assessment works and how you will sumbit evidence.

Verification process

There are 2 parts to this process.

Self-assessment/unverified score

As part of the Oriel application form you will be asked to provide a self-assessment score depending on your personal achievements. 

Your self-assessment score, as submitted on your application form will be verified and contribute towards your overall score. We are unable to advise applicants how many points they should award themselves for each domain. We have attempted to clarify the wording of options and provide guidance on the website.

Experiences and achievements will not always fit neatly under one option, and the consultants/leads recognised this, you will need to employ your professional judgement to ascertain which of the available options is the most appropriate to the best of your knowledge and belief. All scores and evidence will be reviewed by a verification panel. The panel will determine if you have scored yourself appropriately when reviewing the evidence.

  • Your self-assessment scores cannot be changed once your application has been submitted. 
  • The recruitment administrative team are unable to provide guidance on the score you should select.
  • The recruitment administrative team are unable to change any scores at any stage of your application process. 
  • Recruitment administrators will not be able to upload evidence on behalf of applicants and candidates are advised to use their best judgement to this regard.
  • Scoring and uploading evidence is mandatory and failure to do so will result in your application being withdrawn.

Uploading evidence

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to upload evidence of their achievements to the Evidence Upload Portal. The upload window is from 13 to 26 February 2024. Applicants will be provided with further instructions about how to upload evidence to the evidence portal in due course. Applicants should ensure that they present the evidence in the requested format.  Failure to do so could result in your evidence being rejected and/or the self-assessment score being revised downwards. Failure to submit all evidence by the stated deadline will result in your application form being withdrawn by the recruitment team.

Please report any issues with uploading evidence prior to the deadline as once the deadline for submission has passed, applicant access will be withdrawn. 

Verified score

Submitted evidence will be verified against the self-assessment criteria for all applicants by a panel of Clinical Radiology consultants. They will verify that you have claimed the correct number of points and will provide a verified score. Sometimes if they feel your evidence merits a different score from your self-assessment the score will be adjusted accordingly.

On completion of the verification process, applicants will be sent their verified score, together with the verification panel’s feedback explaining any changes to score. 

Verification appeals

Where the applicant disagrees with the score awarded, they can lodge an appeal. Please note that the appeals process will take place after the interviews. You will not be able to submit any additional evidence at this point. You must be explicit on what area you want to be reviewed again.

Appeal requests  received after the 72-hour deadline will not be considered. The outcome of the appeal is final and there is no further recourse for dissatisfied applicants and the recruitment office will not engage in further discussion. Disagreements over self-assessment scores fall out of scope of the MDRS Complaints Policy.

A combination of your MSRA, verified evidence score and total score at interview will be used to determine your final total score and ranking.

Important: Important

Should at this stage or any stage your application be found to not meet essential criteria, as outlined in the person specification, you will be found ineligible, and your application will not be progressed further. 

Page last reviewed: 26 October 2023
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