Preparing for your interview.

Interview dates and centres

You will need to book an interview slot using your Oriel account. An email will be sent to applicable applicants to their Oriel account messages to advise when interview slots are available to book. Slots are offered on a first come first served basis subject to availability and will need to be booked by the deadline stated in the invitation to interview. Administrators are not able to hold slots/change slots for candidates. Further information on how to book an interview slot can be found in the Oriel Applicant User Guide. You will need to attend only one interview regardless of where you wish to train in England, Wales and Scotland. Interviews will be held online using virtual interview system Qpercom Recruit.

Please note there is a separate application process for posts in Northern Ireland.

Interview dates

Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 March 2024

Online interview process

There is an Applicant Declaration which you must agree with and adhere to in order to sit an online interview. The Declaration also contains a list of steps you must undertake before the day of interview.

All interviews will be undertaken online using virtual interview system Qpercom Recruit. This is a browser-based system. Please join at the time you have booked in to on Oriel. Further instructions will be provided with your invite to interview email.

You should ensure that your camera and microphone are turned on and working correctly prior to joining the call. Interviews will be terminated where the panel cannot see you. 

Before the interview commences, you will be briefed on the interview process and will be required to confirm your identity (ID) with the interview administrator. It is therefore important that you have suitable photographic ID available (passport or UK photo driving license). In addition, you will be required to move your camera to show the entire room where you are undertaking the interview, to confirm that nobody else is present. 

Once identity has been confirmed, the administrator will advise the interview panel that the interview process can commence. 
The interview must not be recorded by either the applicant, the administrator or the panel members. You are able to take notes during the interview but must destroy this afterwards.

Interviewing stations

There will be 2 interview stations, each station will last up to 10 minutes and will cover different criteria from the person specification. It will assess your commitment to the specialty and communication skills.

On completion of the interview, you should terminate your connection to the call and the interview process is complete.  

If you have any concerns about your interview, you have 1 hour post interview to contact us via the PGDME support portal. Any concerns raised after this time will fall out of scope of being reviewed.  

If you applied for both Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Radiology

If you applied for both Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Radiology you will only need to attend 1 interview.

Contingency plan

In the event that we are unable to run the interviews the contingency plan is that we will rank candidates based on their MSRA scores and the verified self-assessment score.

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