There are several steps you will need to undertake to be able to re-register and work as a GP in the NHS. This is a summary to help you understand all the steps required under the GP Return to Practice (RtP) programme in England.

You should register with the GP National Recruitment Office (NRO) as soon as you know you want to undertake a Return to Practice (RtP) programme, or need advice about it

Some qualified GPs with previous UK experience who are currently working in an equivalent role may be able to apply for the Portfolio Route, which requires approval by the NHS England Medical Director before application to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

GPs with previous UK experience will need to renew their General Medical Council (GMC) registration and Licence to Practise (LtP) for the programme.

You must be on the GMC GP Register, without GMC conditions or undertakings - except those relating solely to health matters - to qualify for the programme. You will also need to apply for the Medical Performers List (MPL).

North West NHS England and Improvement team (NHSEI) lead on all applications to the MPL on behalf of the Local NHSEI team. Upon satisfactory completion of the RtP programme you will be transferred to the Local NHSEI team where you work.

You will also need to register for an NHS Email address. You can usually only do this when you have an identified RtP placement in a GP practice.

You should plan to start these applications at about the same time as you register for the MCQ unless you wish to have a deferred start of 6 or more months.

Page last reviewed: 21 July 2022
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