This page details the requirements for the Clinical Placement (CP) and Medical Performers List (MPL) application with regards to the Return to Practice (RtP) programme.

Apply to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) to join the Medical Performers List (MPL)

You must complete the online application form, which is to be sent to your local NHS England team.

Required checks

Prior to starting the Clinical Placement there are a number of checks required, detailed below.

Occupational Health Self-Declaration

Applicants must complete an Occupational Health Self-Declaration confirming you are ‘fit to practise’. This will be shared with the practice where you will undertake your clinical placement.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

You must provide an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate and have registered for the online update service. In addition, you are also required to complete a number of requirements.

  • You must register for the online update service within 19 days of your DBS certificate being issued or you can register at the time of making the DBS applications (you will need the number of your application form.) There is an annual fee, and you should opt for this to be automatically renewed each year.
  • If you have worked abroad in the last 5 years you will also need to obtain a police check from that country. This can be requested through the Embassy of the country where you worked.
  • If you do not have a current DBS certificate and registration for the online updates when you apply for the MPL, then you will need to have another DBS check. This is the most common cause for delay with applications for the MPL and you should start the DBS application process at the earliest opportunity.
  • You will be able to reclaim some of the costs of this from the NRO. For further information, please see the financial support and funding page. Alternatively, a list of the umbrella bodies recommended by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for supporting applicants with their DBS application is available on the Government website.

The local NHS England team may be able to advise you of appropriate local links for a local umbrella body for the DBS check. Contact your local NHS England team for further assistance.


References will need to be provided as part of your application to the Return to Practice (RtP) programme and PCSE to join the MPL. The references required by the RtP programme will normally be the same as those for your application to join the MPL.

The programme requires that you provide 2 clinical references covering the last 2 years.

Please ask your referees to complete the Clinical Reference form and return it to the local education lead who is managing your RtP programme application.

If you don’t have recent clinical referees, a full explanation as to why this is the case and the names and addresses of 2 alternative referees should be provided, and you should ask them to complete the Non-Clinical References form.

References should not be sent to the GPNRO.

Page last reviewed: 26 January 2024
Next review due: 2 January 2025

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