Preparing for your interview.


In the event that the volume of eligible applicants exceeds the interview capacity, applications will be shortlisted for the purpose of reducing the number of applicants invited to interview to a number for which we can accommodate interviews for.

You will need to book an interview slot using their Oriel account. Slots are offered on a first come first served basis and will need to be booked by the deadline stated in the invitation to interview. Further information on how to book an interview slot can be found in Oriel Applicant User Guide.

Interview dates and venue

Monday 15 April and Tuesday 16th April 2024.

The interview will be completed online. Interviews will be undertaken through Qpercom video platform using in-built interview stations with integrated scoring. Please ensure you have access to a computer with a microphone and camera. Further instructions will be supplied should you be invited to interview.

Guidance regarding what documents you are required to have available for interview will follow.

There is an Applicant Declaration which you must agree with and adhere to in order to sit an online interview. The Declaration also contains a list of steps you must undertake before the day of interview.

Interview format

The online interview will last for approximately 30 minutes; consisting of 3 stations which you will rotate between in no particular order. We advise that you schedule, as a minimum, an additional 30 minutes into your interview in case there are delays.

The interview stations will be:

  • clinical station - 2 clinical questions
  • ethics and communication station - 2 ethics questions with communication scored throughout
  • portfolio station - 2 portfolio and experience based questions

Your interview panel will consist of 2 panelists, however there may be a third panel member or Trainee Quality Assurer in the interview room observing.

A lay representative may also be in the interview room but will not assess you. The role of the lay representative is to assist in the quality assurance of the interview process.

Online interview

All interviews will be done online. As soon as the link to join the interview has been received, you should ensure that you test this from the device you plan to use for your interviews as you may need to source an alternative device to ensure connectivity.  Any applicants unable to connect should contact the recruitment team at the earliest opportunity. 

On the day of the interview, you should click on the link and join the call 5 minutes prior to your allocated time. You will be kept in the lobby area until the administrator is ready. 

You should ensure that your camera and microphone are turned on and working correctly prior to joining the call. Interviews will be terminated where the panel cannot see you.

Before the interview commences, you will be briefed on the interview process and will be required to confirm your identity (ID) with the interview administrator. It is therefore important that you have suitable photographic ID available (passport or UK photo driving license). In addition, you will be required to move your camera to show the entire room where you are undertaking the interview, to confirm that nobody else is present.

Once identity has been confirmed, the administrator will advise the interview panel that the interview process can commence.

The interview must not be recorded by either the applicant, the administrator or the panel members.

On completion of the interview, you should terminate the connection to the call and the interview process is complete

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