The verified self-assessment score will impact your overall ST4 Psychiatry application score. Completion is mandatory.

The application for Higher Training contains a number of self-assessment questions where you will need to select the most accurate statement. Completion is mandatory.

The resulting scores will impact on your overall score. You are advised to give yourself the scores that you can evidence during the self-assessment verification process.

You will need to upload evidence to support every domain where you have scored yourself greater than 0 between the specified window (see recruitment timelines).


Further details on the self-assessment vertification process can be found on the Medical Specialty Recruitment pages.

Self-assessed domains

The self-assessment will cover the below. The domains listed are correct for the February 2025 intake. The domains may change for future intakes.

  1. Undergraduate Training - Additional Degrees
  2. Undergraduate Training - Prizes and Awards
  3. Postgraduate Medical Qualifications (do not score the same qualifications in more than one domain) 
  4. Postgraduate Training - Prizes and Awards
  5. Leadership role within an Organisation
  6. Clinical Governance, Audit and Quality Improvement as a postgraduate
  7. Research
  8. Teaching
  9. Academic Publications (undergraduate or postgraduate including publications written on behalf of a Doctor in training led collaborative)
  10. Presentations and Poster Presentations


All marks greater than zero which you award yourself must be supported by a piece or pieces of evidence that can be verified by assessors. This means any claims made need to be backed up by at least one piece of documentation. 

Supporting evidence is uploaded to the Self-Assessment Evidence Portal.

Guidance is available to help you complete your self-assessment.


Read the full details of what evidence to provide for each domain in Round 3 (February 2025 intake) on our self-assessment verification process gudiance pages.


Once reviewed by a clinician, your verified Self-Assessment scores will be released via Qpercom. There will be an opportunity for appeals – further details will be shared in due course.

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