ST3 training posts for the 2024/2025 recruitment round

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Find ST3 training posts in England

East Midlands
Number of posts 8
East of England
Number of posts 14
London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Number of posts 8
Additional information London - 4

Kent, Surrey and Sussex - 4
North East
Number of posts 1
North West
Number of posts 10
Additional information Cheshire and Mersey - 5

Greater Manchester, Cumbria and Lancashire - 5
South West - Peninsula
Number of posts 1
South West - Severn
Number of posts 0
Additional information There will be no posts in the current recruitment round for this region.
Thames Valley
Number of posts 5
Number of posts 5
West Midlands
Number of posts 6
Yorkshire and the Humber
Number of posts 12

Find ST3 training posts in other UK nations

Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency
Number of posts 5
Additional information For more information refer to the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency website.
Number of posts 4
Additional information South East Scotland - 2

West Scotland - 1

West Scotland 12 month locum appointment for training (LAT) - 1
Number of posts 10

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