The 3 Self-Assessment (SA) modules are designed to allow you to self-assess your clinical knowledge across 22 clinical areas that form part of the standard knowledge requirements for NHS General Practice (GP) work and to help plan your education and learning.

You should register for free “Associate Membership” of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and then for the scheme SA modules.

You should complete all SA modules in what is called an “open book” format, (i.e., unsupervised and you can take as long as you like).

However, we would wish to encourage you to complete the test by not checking or looking up the answers first as the results will be used to help guide you on your learning needs during the programme and to help work as an independent NHS GPs. The Self-Assessment modules are not used as an assessment or scheme entry application tool.

You will be able to see your individual score and the correct response for each question as you progress through the module and will be directed to suitable learning resources after each answer, the question is locked once you have answered it.

At the end of the completed SA module you will see an on-screen summary (as an overall percentage) for each of the curriculum areas and your final overall score. For reference you will also be able to see your score against other scheme candidates who have previously completed the test to see how you compare. You can then you can print out a final PDF summary for your own records (to add to your Fourteen Fish e-portfolio) and to share with your Educational Supervisors.

The local education leads will also have been sent a copy of your answers so as to help them discuss with you your educational future learning and development needs for the clinical placement.


The SA1 should be sat before your initial interview with the local educational lead. This is to allow the results to be sent to the educational lead to facilitate discussion of your educational needs and to help plan your placement.

This should be done once you have decided to apply for the scheme and prior to your initial interview with the Educational Lead.


The SA2 should be taken about mid-point before your planned assessment dates.


The SA3 module should be sat at the start of your clinical placement.

All SA module results should be shared with for Educational Supervisor at the start of your clinical placement to help plan your learning and educational programme.

Registering for the RtP SA modules

To register for the SA modules, you will first need to create an RCGP Online Learning Environment (OLE) account, selecting the "Basic Registration" option when registering.

Once registered, navigate to the GP SelfTest page, and open the GP Self-Assessment course link for the RtP, at the bottom of the page. Follow the registration as usual, until you reach the payment step.

In the payment section enter the following discount code: RtPRedeem

Once applied, the cost of the course should be reduced to £0. Continue with your payment and registration as normal.

Finally, when the course has been applied to your account, you are free to begin the SA.

Page last reviewed: 26 July 2022
Next review due: 26 July 2023

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