Fitness to Practise

How to make a dental Fitness to Practise declaration and find the right Fitness to Practise contact.

Making a Fitness to Practise declaration

If you make a Fitness to Practise declaration on your application form, you must complete a form and submit it to the lead recruiter providing further information. This must be provided at the time of application.

The approach taken will depend on the recruitment model used by the specialty to which you're applying. You should send your supporting information form by email to either the lead recruiter or the region in which you're being interviewed or considered for appointment. Each specialty lead recruiter will advise on the process you should follow.

If you answer "yes" to any of the Fitness to Practise questions on the application form, you'll be required to send further information about this declaration to your first preference region by the application closing date. This must be provided on the FtP declaration form.

Important: Application closing date

We may request further details on the nature of the declaration. You should provided this prior to the deadline for submission of applications.

If you do not provide this detail by the closing date, your application may be rejected.

Contacts for Fitness to Practise declarations

Please ensure you include the specialty that you have applied to in the title of your email.

Recruiting office Email address
Health Education England (HEE) East Midlands [email protected]
HEE East of England [email protected]
HEE North East

[email protected]

[email protected] (GP Applicants only)

HEE North West [email protected]
HEE South West [email protected]
HEE Thames Valley [email protected]
HEE Wessex [email protected]
HEE West Midlands [email protected]
HEE Yorkshire and the Humber ft[email protected]
London and the South East Recruitment Office lasepgmdesupport
NHS Education for Scotland [email protected]
Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency [email protected]
Health Education and Improvement Wales [email protected]


Page last reviewed: 21 December 2022