The Oriel Discovery project is now complete.

You may remember that we announced last October that Lagom Strategy Ltd had been commissioned by NHS England to conduct a discovery exercise looking at  the national recruitment system, Oriel.

The aim of this work was to understand evolving user needs and identify how we can work towards better meeting user needs in the future.

Lagom Strategy Ltd completed extensive research including interviews, observiews, focus groups and co-design workshops as well as surveys and content analysis.

As the discovery comes to a close, NHS England are now preparing to enter the next phase of this project and will begin an Alpha stage later this year.

There will be additional opportunities to participate in research throughout the Alpha stage, and we will share more detail once it is available – so look out for updates on our website.

We would like to reassure applicants that this ongoing project will not impact their ability to apply for training in any way as Oriel will continue to function as normal throughout.

Page last reviewed: 22 February 2024
Next review due: 22 February 2025