For the 2023 recruitment process the following changes have been agreed:

  • Applicants who have completed the FRCPath Part 1 examination by the published deadline date (20 April 2023) will be offered first as they will meet the person specification requirement at that time.
  • Applicants who are awaiting FRCPath Part 1 examination results will be placed on a reserve list
  • Once examination results are released, any applicants on the reserve list who have passed the exam will be eligible to receive an offer
  • If vacancies still exist after the initial phase of offers, those on the reserve list will be made offers, once they have obtained the required examination

MDRS have made the changes following a request from the Royal College of Pathologists who expressed concern about potential impacts on fill rates unless changes were made to the process. It is hoped that the changes to the specialties which traditionally have low fill will help to increase the numbers eligible to receive an offer.

From 2024, applicants who have not obtained the examination by the published deadline will not be eligible for offers and will need to apply to the following recruitment round.