In the period between submitting an application and offers being made, you will be asked to specify your regional and geographical preferences in Oriel.

The preferences you make will be used along with final selection rank to determine which offer, if any, you receive.

You will have several opportunities to express your preferences throughout the recruitment process, as it is recognised that personal circumstances can change between the time of application and the time that offers are released.

If you have accepted or held a post, there will also be the opportunity to change upgrade options to allow a post/programme that was originally ranked lower than the offered post to become an upgrade option.

The order offers will be made in will be determined solely on the selection score and permissions to work in the UK, not preferences made. Your preferences will only come into play when you are reached in the ranked list and an offer is due.

Preference choices should be made solely on desirability of the associated post for the individual applicant, not the perceived desirability for all applicants. Ranking a less popular preference highly will have no bearing on when an offer will be made.

Interview panels will not have access to your preferences.

Important: Important

By ranking a preference, you are stating that you would be prepared to undertake a training programme in that area. You should not preference or accept posts if you are unable to commence training in. This includes programmes that are in the No preference column.

If you are made an offer and decline it, you will be withdrawn from the process and will not receive any further offers for that specialty.

If you are not prepared to accept an offer of training in a certain region/geographical area, you should not rank it in your preference and should add it to the Not wanted column. If you choose this option, you will never receive an offer for that particular preference, even if this means that you do not receive any offers, with the offer going to a lower ranked applicant who had chosen the preference option.

Preferences added to the No preference column will be offered when a ranked preference is not available. Programmes added to the no preference column are given an equal rank and will be allocated after ranked preferences of other successful applicants have been offered. If you would like these programmes to be offered in a particular order, you should ensure that they are taken out of the No preference column and added to the ranked list of preferences. Posts that you would not consider should be removed from the No preference column and added to Not wanted.

Page last reviewed: 15 September 2022