Emergency Medicine is an exciting specialty which has grown rapidly over the past 50 years with consultants occupying a central position in hospital life, relating as they do to many specialties.

It involves the initial resuscitation and clinical care for patients of all age groups and across the whole spectrum of clinical disease.

Emergency Medicine forms a great foundation for diversifying into Intensive Care Medicine dual accreditation, Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Paediatric Emergency Medicine sub-specialisation, and interests in Geriatric Emergency Medicine, toxicology, ultrasound, medico-legal, events medicine.

We work in fast moving, multidisciplinary teams that aim to deliver the highest standards of care to our patients. Not only do we need a breadth of clinical skills but we also champion the non-technical human factors that underpin modern medical practice.

Training in Emergency Medicine

  • Acute Care Common Stem Emergency Medicine Training

    Core training in emergency medicine includes 2 years in the Acute Care Common Stem and trainees gain competencies in acute medicine, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine and anaesthetics before completing a third year in emergency medicine

Other specialities recruiting

Other Emergency Medicine specialities not currently advertised on this site are also recruiting. You will find their details below.

Emergency Medicine - Direct Route of Entry

Emergency Medicine (ST3)

Emergency Medicine (ST4)