Community Sexual and Reproductive Health (CSRH) is a specialty focusing on sexual and reproductive health services outside hospital settings. It involves providing contraceptive services, sexual health screening, management of sexually transmitted infections, and reproductive health advice.

Specialists in CSRH play a critical role in public health promotion, education on sexual health, and safeguarding vulnerable populations. The training includes gaining expertise in a range of contraceptive methods, understanding of sexual and reproductive health issues, and developing skills in patient communication and counselling. CSRH specialists often work in community clinics, schools, and outreach programmes. The role demands empathy, discretion, and excellent communication skills, offering a fulfilling career that directly impacts public health and wellbeing.

Key aspects

  • Family planning services - provision of contraceptive methods and family planning counselling to help individuals and couples make informed decisions about the timing and spacing of pregnancies.
  • Preventive healthcare - education and services related to preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS. 
  • Prenatal and postnatal care - support for pregnant individuals, including prenatal education, health check-ups, and guidance on nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy.
  • Maternal and child health services - ensuring the well-being of mothers and children through healthcare services, vaccinations, and education on maternal and child nutrition and healthcare practices.
  • Sexual health education - providing community members with information and education on sexual health, reproductive anatomy and physiology, contraception, and healthy sexual behaviours.
  • Counselling and support services - offering counselling and support for individuals and couples dealing with issues related to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and sexual health concerns.
  • Community outreach programmes - engaging in community-based initiatives to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and increase access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Training in Community Sexual and Reproductive Health

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health specialties are not currently advertised on this site, but they are also recruiting. You will find their details below.

Community Sexual and Reproductive Health

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