Anaesthesia is a critical medical specialty that focuses on the provision of anaesthetic services for surgical procedures. It involves the use of drugs to temporarily numb sensation, allowing for pain-free surgeries.

Anaesthetists play a crucial role in patient safety and care before, during, and after surgery.

Key aspects

  • Preoperative assessment - evaluating a patient's medical condition and history to plan appropriate anaesthetic care.
  • Anaesthetic techniques - administering general, regional, or local anaesthesia tailored to the patient and surgical requirements.
  • Intraoperative care - monitoring vital signs and adjusting anaesthetic levels during surgery.
  • Pain management - managing acute postoperative pain and chronic pain conditions.
  • Critical care medicine - many anaesthetists also work in intensive care units, managing critically ill patients.

Training in Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia specialties are not currently advertised on this site, but they are also recruiting. You will find their details below.

Anaesthetics and Acute Care Common Steam (ACCS) Anaesthetics

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